Diabetes Drug Profits Fund Powerful AI Supercomputer for Medical Breakthroughs

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A new supercomputer, powered by Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI technology, is being built thanks to profits from Novo Nordisk’s diabetes drug Ozempic. This project aims to revolutionize medical research by enabling the rapid discovery of new medicines and treatments.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation, the owner of the drugmaker, awarded the contract to French company Eviden. This supercomputer, named Gefion, is expected to be one of the world’s most powerful, capable of analyzing massive datasets using AI.

“Gefion has the potential to significantly accelerate scientific breakthroughs in areas like drug discovery, diagnosing diseases, and developing new treatments,” said C├ędric Bourrasset, head of quantum computing at Eviden.

The supercomputer will be operational for pilot projects by year-end and will be housed in Denmark’s national center for AI innovation. Researchers from both public and private sectors in Denmark will have access to Gefion, backed by two tech giants: Nvidia and the Novo Nordisk Foundation (controlling owner of Novo Nordisk).

This project combines the power of Nvidia, a leading US chipmaker, with the financial muscle of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, whose value surpasses Tesla. The foundation’s wealth stems from the success of Ozempic, a diabetes drug increasingly used for weight loss, along with Wegovy, which shares the same active ingredient.

The potential of AI in accelerating scientific research was showcased earlier this year. Microsoft, using a system with AI and high-performance computing, identified a promising new battery material in just weeks, a process that traditionally takes years.

This collaboration highlights the potential of AI to streamline research and development. With Gefion, medical advancements could be achieved at an unprecedented pace.

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